Oracle's comprehensive Campus Solutions suite is the leader in fulfilling higher education's requirements for a student system, enabling the transformation to a global campus–for today and the future.

Oracle's comprehensive Campus Solutions suite is the leader in fulfilling higher education's requirements for a student system, enabling the transformation to a global campus–for today and the future.

The solution approach provides a complete lifecycle that include Admissions, Student Records, Campus Community, Self Service, Student Financial, Academic Advisement etc along with data migration and integrations.

We deliver both the applications and architecture to simplify complexity and streamline higher education business processes.

Our customers are consistently able to decommission third-party solutions due to the breadth and depth of Oracle solutions.

  • Setup of Enterprise Structure ( Organisation related information)
  • Manage Work force structure.
  • User Management
  • Set various defaults, processing rules, and counters for the system to
  • Specify the PeopleSoft Products for your installation
  • Specify how to drive your system: by person, by position
  • Enter country-specific installation information, Action & Reasons.
  • Defining the types in Citizen Status, National ID Type, Address Type, Name Format Types, Name Type, Name Prefix/Suffix, Name Title.
  • Set of Bank Information which includes Banks, Source Bank Account.
  • Store and edit employees Personal data ( name, address, personal relationships etc)
  • Store and edit organizational relationships (employee or contingent worker), Job data (supervisor, department, job code, and compensation details).
  • Track tenure with your organization, prior work experience, company property and credit cards issued to the employee, Business expenses
  • Store Emergency contact information, identification data (Driver's license information, SCN etc), Bank Accounts, Volunteer Activities etc
  • Administer country-specific functionality, Manage country-specific workforce data, workforce reporting.
  • Create and track positions data and history.
  • Process employee appointments by position.
  • Maintain incumbent data, budget for positions and departments, View incumbent, position, and budget histories.
  • Establish the company training architecture (Setting up training programs and courses, requirements, Budgets).
  • Manually enroll employees into the training program.
  • Track course information for all students, including employees, temporary workers, and customers.
  • Track the demand for training in an at the department or employee level.
  • Generate evaluations, define evaluation criteria, introduce mid-period checkpoints to track employee progress
  • Configure participants to provide feedback and manage participant reviews.
  • Enter evaluation data, including notes, ratings, weights, and comment
  • Consolidate feedback from multiple sources into the manager/mentor's evaluation.
  • Evaluation for review and approval, perform preliminary ratings, transferring, reopening, cancelling, and deleting documents
  • Create and publish business objective pages.
  • Manage multiple components of pay, salary planning, rate code classes, seniority pay
  • Manage pay increase using change percent, pay increase using steps
  • Refresh compensation, view employee compensation packages, describe total compensation
  • Reporting and more
  • Define absence parameters
  • Setup Schedules (workdays, scheduling units, and holidays, Punch etc).
  • Enter and track all general absences, including vacation time
  • Review absence entitlement balance forecasting .
  • Absence Entitlements (define how much paid time off your organization gives payees for various kinds of absences).
  • Aabsence types and reasons (define your rules for allowing paid time off.)
  • Absence entry, approvals, and self-service features .
  • Integrations with Payroll
  • Report absences.
  • View personal information Prefix/Suffix, Name, Address National ID Type, Bank Information etc.
  • Request Absence, Review Absence Balances, Absence Request History.
  • View monthly work/holiday/absence schedule
  • View month wise time reporting (Punch in punch out time)
  • View Payslips
  • Fill Tax declaration form .
  • View & search job postings, Save job searches, Mark favourite job openings for future review or action.
  • Email job postings to friends
  • Apply for jobs, or submit a general application that is not for a specific job.
  • Submit employment references, cover letters, and other documents.
  • View notifications and interview schedules.
  • Respond to offers, requests for references, or invitations to apply for additional jobs
  • Refer friends, confirm referrals, and check the status of a referral (internal applicants only)
  • Withdraw job applications
  • Guides student users and their proxies through the Financial Aid process.
  • View Academic Program information & Enrolments.
  • View the status of requested Documents.
  • Summaries of the student’s financial aid by Academic Year.
  • Attendance / Grades Subject wise.
  • Notifications, Messages .

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