Fusion FSCM

Get a view of complete picture of your company’s finances and operations. Oracle Cloud’s application suite offers the broadest and most seamless functionality across finance, supply chain, and customer experience. Oracle offers Enterprise Resource Planning designed with flexibility and scalability for businesses of all sizes.

It automates, streamlines and controls financial processes to reduce costs, simplify controls, increase productivity and improve business decisions.

Oracle Fusion Financials is a complete and integrated suite. It offers all of the core functions in a complete finance system, such as a general ledger to process journals and allocations, accounts payable to process and pay supplier invoices, accounts receivables to invoice customers and receive payments, and so on.

It has Modules like General Ledger, Inventory, Procurement, Product Management, Payables, Receivables, Assets, Expenses, Cash Management etc.

  • This topic includes details about the Oracle Fusion General Ledger reports predefined using Oracle Transactional Business Intelligence (BI).
  • The Oracle Business Intelligence reports for the General Ledger include: Account Analysis Report, General Journals Report & Trial Balance Report.
  • Oracle fusion procurement is a product that holds millions of users and is used as an enterprise application and a solution that would help to deliver the control over the supplier qualifications and provide critical insights and risks to make sure that the operations are running successfully.
  • Oracle fusion procurement will help manage the multiple activities involved in the procurement process, like creating requisitions, sourcing services and the goods qualifying suppliers and send the Purchase orders.
  • The oracle fusion procurement involves the below features:
  • Supplier Management.
  • Sourcing.
  • Contract Management.
  • Requisitioning.
  • Purchasing .
  • Payment.
  • Oracle Fusion Cloud Inventory Management is a complete materials management and costing solution that enables you to gain full visibility and control of the flow of goods across your organization and global supply networks.
  • Below are the tasks that are performed under the Inventory Management: Establish the company training architecture (Setting up training programs and courses, requirements, Budgets).
  • Item Creation
  • Inventory Organization Creation
  • Sub Inventory Creation .
  • Minter Org Transfer.
  • Miscellaneous Issue / Receipt Transactions creation
  • Sub Inventory Transfer.
  • Create and transact Move Order.
  • Create Reservation and Picks.
  • Print Pick Slip Report.
  • Create Lot Item.
  • On Hand Inquiry.
  • Review Completed Transactions.
  • Set up Physical Inventories.
  • Approve Physical Inventory Adjustments.
  • Receiving .
  • Inspections.
  • Returns to suppliers.
  • Oracle Fusion Payables provides predefined reports that cover the following areas:
  • Invoices
  • Payments
  • Payables to Ledger Reconciliation
  • Period Close
  • Prepayments
  • Income Tax and Withholding
  • Oracle Fusion Cash Management provides predefined reports that are used in the following areas:
  • Bank Statements
  • Cash Transit
  • Reconciling to the General Ledger
  • Oracle Fusion Receivables provides predefined reports to help you analyze and manage your accounts receivable information.
  • The Receivables predefined reports cover the following areas:
  • Bill Presentment Templates
  • Billing Reports
  • Receivables Balances Reports
  • Bills Receivable Reports
  • Reconciliation Program and Report
  • The following tables list the predefined reports by type.
  • Additions by Source Report
  • Asset Additions Report
  • Asset Transfers Report
  • Cost Adjustment Report etc.

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